Thursday, August 11, 2011

The padlocked chest-Creative Writing

I sneaked into the old abandoned house at the end of the street. I was surprised to find a small, padlocked treasure chest on a dresser in an upstairs bedroom. There was a note that said, "Do not open. EVER!" I also noticed a small key hanging on the wall. I tried the key in the padlock. It was a perfect fit. After I opened the box, I ventured into the unknown...When I opened my eyes, I wasn't able to see anything. Suddenly, one dim light started to come. I was so scared, and I was perturbed. I tried to run away from the approaching light, but I couldn't control my body as I tried to move. The light was getting closer to me. I was so terrified, that I fainted. When I woke up, I was sleeping at a comfortable cave. I wondered where this place was. I looked around and I saw a cat staring at me. The cat had white fur, however, it was dirty. The cat had one very clear, green eye. The other eye was gray. But I realized that, it wad blind. The cat started talking to me. It said
"Why did you open the box, young boy?"
I was frightened because its voice was very calm, and husky. Anyway, I replied
"I was just curious about it. Is there any problem?.."
The cat smiled and said
" Of course there is. You've made a big mistake."
I asked
" What do you mean..The big mistake?"
It said
" Once you come to this cave, you'll not be able to get out."
I was anxious, and the cat smiled at me. And then it whisperred
" Well, there is one way you can get out..."
I was surprised! And asked
" Pardon? You just told me that I couldn't go dout of this place!"
"You have only one way to get our. It'll be hard. Will you do it?"
"I'll do it. I'll do my best!!"
"There are two steps. First, you have to bring me out from here. Then, you have to raise me until the day you die!"
"Okay, is that all?"
" Yes, it is. From now on, I'll tell you the way."
I thought why this is a hard thing to do. I just followed the cat, and eventually I could come out of this box. However, the cat wasn't there. I looked around this old abandoned house, and went back to my house. From that day, the cat always apperaed in my dream for some reason. Finally, the cat said
"You brought me out of the cave. I'm very thankful of you. I'm not there where you're living. I;m in your mind. I thought you're not pure, but now I understand you with a pure heart. Someone, who has a pure heart only can take me our. I was wating for a pure and warm heart. Thank you. I cannot forget you forever. Don't be confused of anything. The answer will always be inside your heart. Unless, you lose your pure heart. Always keep this in mind. Bye!"
I woke up and I asked myself, 'What does a pure heart mean?' Then I realized that having a pure heart means doing favors, don't think about doing bad things, and being curious to everything in a good way. After this dream, I tried to keep my pure heart. This experience of opening the padlocked chest, was the best experience ever, in my life.^^

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